Cost effective activities to do with your under five

Cookies are one of the best things to bake with your little one, it has some great opportunities for fine motor skills too.

We love this simple recipe:


Bubble Wrap Activities:
Bubble wrap walk 
Unroll  a roll of bubble wrap and tape all four edges to the floor. Remove yours and your little ones shoes and socks, then walk, hop, skip and jump all over it! Happy Popping!

Bubble wrap painting
Paint the bubbled side of (unpopped) bubble wrap. Take a sheet of A4 paper and place it on top of the bubble wrap. Gently press down on to the paper before slowly peeling it off.
This creates a lovely spotty effect which can be used for bee hive pictures, fish scales and reptiles.

Scavenger hunt:
Give your little one a bag and ask them to choose a letter. Then ask them to find 5, 10 or 20 things beginning with that letter and to collect them in their bag. This is a great activity to play indoors or outdoors.