FREE taster session – Drama 7 to 12 years

Do you have a child who loves drama, art or script writing? If yes, bring them along to our free taster session at Jump Nation in half term.

Monday 20th February at 1pm – 2pm (Booking is ESSENTIAL)

Children will receive a certificate and a professional photograph of them taking part in the session. The photographs kindly provided by local photographer Andy Newell at
Blu Photography and will be ready at the end of the session.

They will get to play drama games, improvise and discover different techniques and a variety of theatrical aspects.

Our brand new club starts on the first Monday after half term at 4pm at Jump Nation. Our weekly cost is just £2.50 which is payable on a monthly basis.

The pupils are taught by Stacey Price BA (HONS) Drama and Performance and they work through our in-house syllabus, which allows them to investigate the use of drama, back stage, scripting and directing.

We reward our children for hard work with certificates, medals and trophies. We also reward good behaviour with trips and treats at no additional cost to parents.

There are no hidden costs at the Masquerades Drama Club.

Please contact Stacey for more information