Fairy Tale Phonics – Free Session at the Rainbow Children’s Day Nursery


Come and play! We are hosting a free session of Fairy Tale Phonics. Our book and theme for this session is The Gingerbread Man!

Where and when: 
Rainbow Children’s Day Nursery
Vaughan Road
WV13 3UD

29th July at 11:00–15:00 (Fairy Tale Phonics at 1pm)

What is Fairy Tale Phonics?
Fairy  Tale Phonics is combines phonics, play and children’s entertainment to create sessions which are accessible to all children.
We plan each session with a variety of abilities and interests in mind. Fairy Tale Phonics includes a story, mark making and writing practice, sensory and craft activities to give children the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways. Our chosen story is read by our princess and is interactive.
We understand that every child is different and has a preferred way of learning. Our planning reflects this and we have created a syllabus which compliments the EYFS framework.

What does our syllabus teach the children to do?
We focus on the following areas:

1. Mark Making and Letters
2. Common and Frequently used words
3. Word Building, Blending and Segmenting
4. Image Creating and Process Learning
5. Movement, Vocalisation and Role Play
6. Rhythm and Rhyme
7. Description, Recognition and Association
8. Understanding Stories and Narrative
9. Word Class
10. Sentence Building

All children are given opportunities to achieve awards and medals as they work their way through the syllabus.
Contact us for more information on
 07902 033 729 or
via E-Mail 

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