Cheap and Easy Crafts for Kids

  1. Build a Bug
    Cut out lots of simple shapes such as squares, circles, rectangles and hearts and let their imaginations go wild. Once they have created their bugs why not add some magnetic tape and stick them to the fridge

  2. Fairy Jars
    Fill an old jam jar with water (almost to the top) add glitter, sequins or tiny pieces of tin foil. Once complete, make sure the lid is on tight and give it a shake. The sparkly pieces in the jar with dance around in the water… why not make a wish and watch the sparkles twirl and swirl?
  3. Salt Doh
    Mix 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of salt and 1/2 a cup of water together in a mixing bowl. The mixture will create a squishy doh and is much cheaper than play doh!
  4. Sock Puppets
    Every parent knows that there are lots of odd socks hanging around the house (the sock fairy only ever steals one!). Pound shops and other discount stores sell fabric pens which can be used to create a face or creature. For older children, paper can be stitched on to create hair or beards!
  5. Object Printing
    Painting can be great fun, but why not take it to the next level? The following objects are brilliant for printing and scraping with:
    Bottle tops
    Cups (the top makes a great circle)
    Bubble Wrap (this creates a wonderful honeycomb effect)
    Cotton Reels
    Toy Animals (Foot prints and trails)

Have fun!