5 things to tell your child if they are being bullied

  1. Remind them that you love them
    Bullied children can feel isolated and alone, especially in their teenage years, sometimes they need to be reminded that you love them, no matter how low they feel.

  2. It’s okay to feel scared
    Being bullied is a terrifying thing to go through at any age, especially as a child or teenager. No form of bullying is acceptable. All bullying can scare you, that’s okay… It’s how you go forward that matters.

  3. They don’t have to go through this alone
    Encourage¬† them to talk about their feelings to you, family, friends or teachers. Child Line is an amazing service for children who want to tell someone they don’t know. They are often made to think it is wrong to tell an adult, this is a much more comfortable way for them to get their feelings out! Their contact number is 0800 1111 and they are also online too: childline.org.uk

    CHILDLINE: Free to call service for children who need to talk.

  4. Their feelings matter
    No matter how low they feel, remind them that it is normal to have feelings of anger, hurt, upset and sadness. All of these feelings matter. Sometimes, drawing a picture of their feelings will help as not all children and teenagers are comfortable with talking.

  5. They have a talent
    Help them discover a talent such as singing, art, sewing, building great Lego creations! Tell them they are really good at what they do! They are special and they can do anything!